What is sugaring-things to know about before you go

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We are trying to say “NO” to sugary diets, but still it is really hard to say goodbye to the sugary beauty routine. Since the name has “sugar” the name may imply a bakery product, sweet product or a candy bar but actually sugaring is a method of hair removal. The usage of a sugar ball that looks like a ball of caramel has given its name the “sugaring”. I think I’m right to say this method of waxing as the most famous and natural way of removing unwanted hair. The unique features of this method are the usage of all the natural ingredients and the possibility of using this ingredient as a DIY home remedy for removing unwanted hair. Since going to a salon and taking a sugar wax is bit expensive and therefore, we can prepare the sugar wax at home using a very few amounts of ingredient that costs nothing because these ingredients are readily available at the home kitchen.



  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/8 cup of (30 ml) lemon juice
  • 1/8 cup of (30 ml) water

How to prepare

Place a flat bottom pan on the stove and place the heat at its highest and add the cup of sugar, lemon juice and the water into the pan and stir it well to mix the ingredients. When it heats up the mixture on the pan will start to bubble up. Don’t forget to stir the mixture really well continuously throughout the process. When the bubbles start to appear, turn the flame down to the medium and continue stirring. Most importantly sugar has to be dissolved well at this stage and if the mixture starts to bubble at the medium heat, turn down the flame into low heat. When the mixture becomes golden brown take it off the stove but still it is must to stir and then change the mixture into another bowl and let it cool for about 30 minutes. Since this is not a traditional hot wax it is a must to cool the wax before applying it on the skin. When it is ready to remove all the unwanted hair, scoop out some of the paste to the hand and make it a small ball and apply a thick layer of the paste on the skin and make sure to apply the paste to the direction where the hair is grown and take a small breathe and pull off the paste to the opposite direction of the hair growth. Continue this process on the skin until all of your unwanted hair is gone. More importantly if you have more sugar wax, you can refrigerate the paste using an airtight container.


  • Warning! This is painful

If you are doing sugaring, your tolerance capability has to be at its highest. Unlike shaving, waxing this is bit painful since it is pulling all the hair out of the root. If you are new to sugaring this would be really painful, but still if you have practiced sugaring continuously as your hair removal method this would not hurt that much. But it is good if you can shower yourself with more tolerance power to endure the pain.

  • Keep the skin dry

It is a must to not applying anything on the skin when you are ready for the waxing session. Avoid moisturizer or any other creams and make sure not to apply any deodorants if you are sugaring your underarms. Therefore, before your sugaring session, make sure to skip few skin care products such as moisturizer, deodorants and any other creams to harvest the best out of your sugaring process.

  • Exfoliate

This is really important because if you exfoliate it helps to remove all the dead cells out of the skin and it will make the skin so smooth and will clean properly by removing all the dead cells. It is advisable to scrub the area which is exposed to the sugaring before the session. By scrubbing and removing the unwanted skin, it will help to pull off the unwanted hair without getting contaminated with the dead cells and it is really help to grab the hair if your skin is free from dead skin. But make sure to exfoliate two days prior to the sugaring session and don’t scrub your skin on the day before your session.

  • Hair length

The length of the hair has to be ¼inch long and excessively too much long hair is not easy for sugaring. Not waxing before two weeks is good and five weeks without waxing is not good. Trimming the hair to remain ¼ inches of hair is a good practice to be adhered. This length is more important because this length of hair makes it easy to grab and pull off the hair out of the skin.

  • Powdering the skin before the sugaring session
  • Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Deep cleansing the skin

These are some of the things to be cautious before you are planning to remove unwanted hair using the sugar paste. By adhering to these tips will make things easy before hair removal process.

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