Trick your skin before your biggest day- how to obtain a glamorous skin before the wedding

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We spend a lot of money on our wedding day to make it a memorable one. As girls, most of us have dreamt about having a fairy tale wedding because it is the only day that is left for the couple to cherish throughout their life. Therefore, we try to plan a glamourous wedding in every aspect that is possible. It may be the wedding decoration, food that will be served for the couple or it may be the honeymoon trip. When keeping these aside, what we have to consider most is the inner and outer beauty of the couple. Inner beauty can be termed as the good, nourished and positive thoughts about the future life where the couple has to harvest the good thoughts within themselves. Outer beauty can be termed as the way you present yourself at the wedding day with the partner. In a wedding, bride gets the most attention and she becomes the center of attraction. Therefore, planning and presenting yourself is much important as the wedding planning. For this, you have to be prepared for the wedding at least three months prior to the wedding to get the maximum advantages. Here let’s talk about the things we can do to blossom like a flower on the biggest day.


You have to take a nutritious meal. Your main three meals have to be a nutrition bomb that consists of all the nutrients. Yet, don’t eat a lot of carbs. You can limit the meals you had earlier. If you eat a large plate of carbs earlier, now you can reduce the portion to a half plate while taking natural snacks. What we used to do is, taking chips and fries as our favorite munching and it is not good and it will make us fat. What we can do is creating a healthy munching by ourselves to eat between the main meals. For an example, we can make slices of fruits and vegetables such as mango, banana, water melon and cucumber and we can munch these veggies and fruits whenever we are hungry. This will avoid unnecessary calory intake and will help with the skin brightness. Another important thing is, engage in some sort of an exercise to maintain and tone the body. There are plenty of small exercises in the YouTube where you can download these exercises and can do these in your free time. Not only this, but also yoga exercises are still available in the internet with from beginners to the experienced individuals. Not only these, avoiding food that prepared by adding excessive amount of spices, the food that contains a large amount of sugar, avoiding a lot of tea and coffee, adding more fruits and vegetables to the meal, adding more greens and avoiding alcohol are the good habits to be adhered to the daily routine. Not only this, what is most important is keeping the skin hydrated. For this, we have to drink at least 4 liters of water. This will help to remove toxins from the body and will help to get a clear and glowing skin.


Adhering to a skin care routine is the best and crucial step of skin protection. Just cleaning the face using soap or face wash is not enough. Going beyond this, Cleansing the face properly (using the Koreans’ double cleansing method will provide you with good benefits), toning, exfoliating and moisturizing are the other crucial steps of skin cleaning process to be adhered to the daily skin care routine. Skin moisturizing is something that has to be done to cleanse and clean the skin pores properly while removing all the unwanted particles from the skin including makeup particles, excess oil and small dust particles. Going to a beauty salon and getting a good face massage while taking a good facial and cleanup is the other things that has to be added to the skin care routine at least twice a week. Skin massaging helps the blood circulation in the face and body massaging is a something that can be added to the skin care routine if it is affordable because your beauty is the definition of how you treat yourself really well. Increased blood circulation will help to give a nice and glowing skin. If you cannot go to a salon twice a week to get a facial or body treatment, you can do some home remedies to do a facial and body treatment at home. Steps of doing a home body treatment can be stated as below.

  1. Cleaning the face using a good face wash and a face cleanser while cleaning the body using a good body wash.
  2. Scrubbing the entire body (for this, you can use a scrub made at home using finely grinded sugar, grinded oats, turmeric, coffee powder, small amount of table salt mixed with coconut oil or olive oil or you can use a ready-made scrubber available in the market)
  3. Applying a good pack to the entire body and leaving it for about 20-30 minutes
  4. Finally, washing off the pack using lukewarm water

For the skin pack, we can use a pack available in the market or we can make a good and healthy pack ourselves.

  • For an oily skin

Make a mixture of 03 tea spoons of dried and grinded orange peel powder, 05 tea spoons of fuller’s earth powder, 02 tea spoons of sandalwood powder,  rose water and apply it on the face and massage it for one minute and wash the mixture using lukewarm water after leaving the mixture on face for about one hour. 

  • For a dry skin

Find, 05 tea spoons of oat meal powder, 01 tea spoon of yoghurt, 02 drops of sandalwood oil, 01 tea spoon of grinded almond. Mix these ingredients using water and apply this on a properly cleaned face and leave it for an hour and wash it using lukewarm water. 


There are some good steps that we should follow, beyond the steps that have been mentioned above and following are some of them. 

  1. Increasing the number of hours, you sleep to 7-8 
  2. Adding more food that contain glutathione such as water melon, avocado, maize, spinach, broccoli, garlic, sprouts, cucumber, almonds etc. This helps to enhance your skin tone naturally.
  3. Start using natural food that contains grape seed extract, vitamin C and marine collagen before three months of the wedding. Because of the antioxidants in these, it will help to avoid scars, blemishes and pimples. Leafy greens, sweet potatoes, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower are rich in vitamin C. Bone broth, chicken, sea food, egg whites, garlic, beans, cashews, bell peppers are rich in collagen. And this will help to avoid fine lines in the face. 
  4. Add more food that contains Biotin to the meals. Organ meats, eggs, fish, nuts and some vegetables contain Biotin.
  5. Using a good moisturizer and sun cream

If you have the ability of adding these tips, at least three months before the wedding you might be able to be the talk of the town. It is good if you can add these tips to your daily routine six months prior to your wedding day to be even more beautiful. 

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