Temporary methods to remove underarm hair

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Underarm hair is annoying and unappealing. This is called axillary hair because it is appeared in underarm area or axilla in both the males and females. Why do you think we have underarm hair? It is because it works as a protective shield from skin-to-skin contact and from different bacteria. Removing underarm hair will provide with many advantages like, less sweating, less body odor and protecting the sensitive skin from harm etc. Most of the people do this for hygienic purposes while the followers of Islam religion remove underarm hair as the sign of cleanliness while the men and women in western culture remove underarm hair to achieve their cosmetic goals. Because of these advantages women and men are spending a considerable amount of dollars to remove all the underarm hair. But, still there are many simple remedies available to remove underarm hair at home at a very low cost without doing any harm for the skin while protecting the skin.


Sugaring is a wax that is made from a sugar base and it is all natural and causes no damage to the skin, if you do this right. When you remove the applied wax on the armpit, you can easily remove unwanted hair on the armpit very easily and quickly but this is a bit painful method of removing unwanted hair.

Benefits of sugar waxing

  • All natural
  • Work for shortest underarm hair
  • After 5-6 continuous sugar wax treatments, there is a notice reduction in hair regrowth.
  • Taking long time for hair regrowth

How to prepare sugar wax at home

  • Sugar               01 Cup
  • Lemon juice from one medium sized lemon
  • Water              02 table spoons

Put the cup of sugar into a normal pot, add two tablespoons of water and cook over low heat. Add the lime juice when it comes to a thick paste. Then slowly stir the paste and leave it on a low flame until it turns golden. It normally takes 30-60 minutes to get the exact form of the sugar wax. Now, turn of the flame and cool the paste and store this in an air-tight container.

After cooling, it usually thickens. When you use it, you can take the required amount out of the container to an aluminum pan and put it under a pot of hot water and melt it until it becomes required paste or you can also use the microwave oven to melt the thickened paste and we can now use this paste to remove unwanted hair. Take a small portion out of the pre-prepared paste using a spoon or by using your hand and mash it a little to get the normal texture. To get the exact texture, it is good to add a drop of water or spray water to the paste. When you use it, keep your skin completely dry or you can also use some body talc or else the wax will be stick to the skin. Most importantly, if you are using a sugar wax which is prepared on this method, you don’t have to spend some extra bucks on wax strips.


These creams are widely available in the market with different brand names. This is the most painless method available in the market to remove underarm hair. This method is very useful if you are in a hurry but still this method has not been approved by many of the users around the world because of its high chemical composition. Not only this, long term application of this creams on the underarm skin will make the skin become rough and will harm the underarm skin area. Most importantly, using this method will not provide with long term benefits because in this method only the visible hair on the surface of the skin will be removed and still the hair is there in the skin’ below surface. Therefore, it tends to regrow the hair very quickly.


This is the most common, quick, easy and painless method remove underarm hair. Not using a dull razor, hydrating the skin before and after shaving, using a good shaving gel, waiting before applying a deodorant may considered to be good practices for make the skin shaving journey fascinating. Tendency of growing back the shaved hair very quickly and the requirement to shave very often, making the underarm skin rough are considered to be the disadvantages of shaving.


Using epilators to remove underarm hair is similar to the process of removing hair using sugaring or waxing. This gives exact same benefits which are similar to sugar wax because under these two methods hairs will be removed from the root. Therefore, using epilators can be termed as bit painful too. There are two types of epilators namely dry epilators and wet epilators where dry epilator can be used when the skin is dried and wet epilators can be used even if you are on a shower. Using this electric machine for the first time will surely cause a small pain but using epilators continuously will not do much harm in terms of the pain.


If you are not pleased with the above-mentioned methods, this may be the best method to remove your unwanted hair. This is a permanent solution for hair removal where the laser machine is emitting a light to the hair follicles and then a certain pigment in the hair follicles converts the light into heat and destroys the hair follicles and hair bulb. Continuous laser treatments will surely remove hair permanently. To get better results it is a must to go for the laser treatments regularly. There are disadvantages too. Pain occurred when the laser light hits into the skin, it is a must to do this treatment on a continuous basis which is similar to other hair removal remedies are some of the disadvantages of laser treatment

Therefore, it is good to find the best method to remove hair from the skin because different skin types have different problems and textures.

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