Magic in ten steps – Korean’s 10 step skincare routine

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Koreans ten step beauty routine has paved a new path to the beauty industry. Most of the Korean have a flawless skin and many believe that this ten-step beauty care routine as the reason behind their flawless skin. When compared with the other general skin care routines, this ten-step skin care routine is time consuming, but if you adhere this routine to your daily skin care routine you will be able to take maximum benefits no matter what. This ten-step beauty routine has the capability of addressing even the small problems in the skin. This ten-step skin care routine has drastic differences when compared with the Korean beauty routine. In western skin care routine, we follow four steps maximumly and we can call that as cleaning the face using a facewash, cleansing the face using cleanser, toning and moisturizing. But the Koreans way of beauty routine is far from this where they add few more steps to this traditional routine and they believe, having a good and healthy skin as the norm of beauty. According to the skin type, climate and personal preferences, you can reduce the number of steps to 8 or you can maximize the steps to 12, by adding additional two steps. 


As the name says, double cleansing means cleansing the face twice using an oil-based cleanser and using a soap based or water-based cleanser. During the day, with the busy schedules sweating is a common thing. What happens is the sebum created by the face get mixed with dust particles, makeup and sweat. These impurities are then get clogged in the pores and then will lead to pimples, blemishes and acnes and these can be summed to most irritating factors regarding the skin because everyone’s dream is to obtain a flawless skin. Among that dirt, there are some impurities that can be only removed by oils and some impurities are there that can be cleaned using soap-based cleansers. But all the impurities cannot be cleaned by using a water-based cleanser. If you are using only a water-based cleanser, what happened is, water soluble dirt will only get cleaned and oil soluble dirt gets locked inside the pores and will bring adverse effects. Because of the polluted environment, the skin automatically gets exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation, toxins, air pollutants such as cigarette smoke and smoke emitted by vehicles etc. Continuous exposure to these harmful chemicals and pollutants will damage the skin. Skin cancers will be the long-term result of these chemicals. Therefore, the best option is cleaning these chemicals and pollutants thoroughly.  This is the place where Korean’s skin care routine comes into play. 

At the very first, what is supposed to do is, cleaning the face using an oil-based cleanser and it will remove all the oil soluble pollutants out of the skin. Koreans use different products that are readily available in the market to clean oils out of the face but if it is difficult to obtain a good cleanser to remove oil soluble impurities you can use a good carrier oil namely coconut oil or olive oil. What can to do is just taking a few drops of oil into the palm and applying it to the entire face and moving the fingers on circular motion until all the dirt is gone or you can use a cotton pad soaked in olive oil or coconut oil and rubbing that cotton pad on the face on circular motion will remove all the oil soluble dirt deposited on the face. The second step is cleaning the face using a water-soluble cleanser. When all the oil soluble dirt is removed, what is left is water soluble dirt and then water-soluble cleanser can be used to remove all the left impurities. This step has to be followed by the first step (cleaning the face using oil). Once this is finished you can get a skin that is well cleaned. 

Though this is time taking, this is the most reward given method of skin cleaning that is tried by many people. Once you have started doing this, you won’t stop doing this because the results are really amazing.


Exfoliation is the primary step behind a brighter and young-looking skin. Exfoliation will remove all the dead skin out of the skin and will reveal your healthy new skin while promoting anti-aging. Regular exfoliation is good but if you have a sensitive skin it is not good to use an exfoliator very often. 2-4 times a week is more than enough if you have a dry and sensitive skin.


We used toners for the further cleaning of skin and to close the open pores. But Koreans use toners with the intention of obtaining completely different benefits. Since this is the ten-step skin care routine, what they expect by applying a good toner is to prepare the skin for the future process. This step will help to absorb all the nutritious goodness from the coming steps, to the skin. While doing this, toning will act as a good moisturizer while balancing the pH value of the skin. 


Applying essence is a special skin care step that is adhered by the Koreans. Essence is a combination toner and serum. This special combination has made this step more important. Advantages of this step can be summed up to increasing the new cell formation (increasing the cell turnover), balancing the pH value of the skin, enhancing the skin brightness, avoiding skin aging and promoting skin hydration.


If you have problems like pigmentations, acnes, wrinkles here you have this step. Serum and ampoule are the best remedies for this. Ampoule are similar to serums but it is embedded with advanced ingredients than serum. You can choose between serum or ampoule to treat your skin if you have severe skin problems. You can select serums and ampoules varying according to the skin condition. Still, this step is not important, but will add more benefits if you can continue this step. 


This is the “must” step in this skin care routine. Different sheet masks that are infused with different types of skin essentials are readily available in the market for affordable prices. Normally, Koreans use sheet masks whenever it is possible and it can be easily summed up as every day routine because they never forget to wear a sheet masks. But when using sheet masks what has to be kept in mind is to remove the sheet mask after the stipulated time because if you keep the mask even after the required time, it will try to absorb the moisture out of the skin. Usually it is taking 15-20 minutes to absorb all the goodness to the skin from these sheet masks. Try to select a good sheet mask that suits your skin type and skin conditions because different sheet masks are available in the market that gives unique benefits as skin lightning, acne and pimple reduction, avoid sun burns, to hydrate etc.


Eyes are the center of attraction. If you have eye bags, wrinkles around the eyes and crows feet this is the best solution. What you have to do is using a good eye cream and applying it around the eyes avoiding other areas. Simple massages around the eyes will bring additional advantages. As the massaging steps, what you can do is tapping around the eyes really slowly and massaging around the eyes using both of your ring fingers at the same time for two minutes. Using the ring figure for this is the best because the right pressure can be directed to the skin around the eye. 


The step before the last step of the day time skin care routine and this is an important step of the daily routine. Moisture is the most important thing for any skin to keep it rejuvenated. Choose a good moisturizer and apply it on the face and massage on circular motion on upward direction. Using the palm will help to warm the skin and will ease up the nutrition absorption to the skin. Using a good moisturizer will avoid fine line formation in the skin and will promote elasticity.


If you are doing this routine in the day time, this is the last step. If you are going out of the house wear a good sun protection to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Exposure to ultraviolet rays may grant with skin irritations and will surely damage the skin. Therefore, to protect form that the best solution is sunscreen. 

These steps can be varied according to your requirement. If you think applying serum is not essential you can quit that step and you can go to any other step. One may say that the steps are too complex and time taking. Yes! It is time taking but not complex. If you start to do this in a routine, you will surely continue this. But what have to keep in mind is that, Koreans do promote clean eating and water drinking. Their food portions are full of natural, healthy greens while avoiding trans-fat and adding more and more of animal and nut-based oils. Therefore, in order have a good skin like Koreans clean eating is a must while adhering and following the skin care routine. 

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