Korean beauty hacks- reasons behind Koreans flawless skin

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Why do Korean have a healthy skin? This question is among the most searched questions in the google. This means, all of us are fond of looking for the reasons that made Koreans to own a healthy, flawless and nutritious skin. Let’s see the things adhered by the Koreans to their skin care routine to have a flawless and healthy skin. Korean’s ten-steps skin care routine is word famous because of its benefits but, Koreans have added much more to their skin care routine except this ten-step skin care routine.

  • Diet

Koreans food culture can be named as the best secret behind their healthy and nourished skin. It is said that your skin depicts what you eat. When comparing the diet taken by the Koreans and Europeans, there is a big difference between the European diet and the diet taken by the Koreans. What we have noticed is, Koreans have admitted to a Low-glycemic diet from the antient times. Low-glycemic diet is the diet that adheres to the Glycemic Index (GI). Glycemic Index rank the food based on the foods’ affect to the blood sugar level. If a certain food affects the blood sugar level to be risen, we call that a high-glycemic food and if a certain food affects the blood sugar level to be lower, we call that low-glycemic diet. Accordingly, Koreans have adopted a food system with low-glycemic diet. Koreans take a lot of fruits, vegetables, steamed and grilled meat and fish, fermented vegetables, eggs, different types of traditional teas etc. Normally Koreans limit the consumption of fat and carbohydrates while limiting the consumption of precooked and red meat. Koreans believe that fermented food makes miracles and strengthen the immunity systems’ capability of fighting against bacteria. It simply says that, unlike Europeans who take greasy and high carb food, Koreans go for less carb and keto friendly foods and that is the main strength behind their good skin.

  • Ten-step skin care routine

Koreans believe that, a person’s skin show the healthiness of an individual. Therefore, they tend adhere to a strict skin care routine which is time consuming but still proved with drastic benefits. Double cleansing (oil and foaming cleanser), Toning, Essence, emulsion, serum/ampoule, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, sleeping masks are the ten steps of skin care.  There are plenty of good, well known and branded products are there in the market for Koreans at very low prices. This affordability made the Koreans skin care routine so famous and made it easy to be adapted even by the poor.

  • Facial massage

Koreans believe skin massage as the center for skin rejuvenation. Koreans tend to have more facial massages since the price of the facial massages are considerably low when compared with other countries. Because of this affordability Koreans take facial massages very often. These facial massages are conducted by professionals in which these professionals tend to do these facial massages by adhering to perfect procedures. Some Koreans do these massages as a home remedy too. Whenever possible, Koreans mix moisturizer and essence together and apply it all over the face and they firmly follow the skin massaging steps. Most primitive method of massaging is tapping the face using finger tips by applying a good moisturizer mixed with essence. Massaging on circular motion and tapping around eyes, forehead, cheeks is the best option to do a skin massage (if you are a beginner). There are plenty of skin massaging videos on the internet and you can follow the steps given by these videos to have a refreshing facial massage. These facial massages will increase the blood circulation in the skin and avoid anti-aging and will enhance the skin brightness.

  • Skin exfoliation

Koreans use a towel soaked with hot water to exfoliate the dead cells. The towel has to have a nubby surface to get the best advantages. What you have to do is to soak a towel in hot water and place it on the skin and massaging it on the circular motion. The massaging has to be conducted on the upward motion. This will help anti-aging as well.

  • Charcoal sheet face masks

Charcoal sheet face masks have obtained a prominent place in the Korean skin care industry. Charcoals has immense possibility of taking out the dirt inside the pores. Clogged pores because of makeup, black heads and white heads, dead skin can be removed easily using charcoal a sheet masks because of its active carbon composition. These masks have gained the wide popularity because of its possibility of extracting the dirt out of the pores.

  • Using masks

Face masks, as it is mentioned earlier considered to be the most powerful skin rejuvenating essential. Face masks are affordable in Korea and are available in large bundles. These sheet masks are infused with skin essentials and these sheets are designed to serve the skin curves. The skin will absorb all the nutrients in these masks and will provide a problem free and radiant skin. Overnight sheet masks are too available in the market and it will easily provide you with moisture secured and acne free masks over a night.

  • Double cleansing

In order to remove makeup, we use oil base because the oil has the capability of dissolving impurities and removing the dirt with the oil. Koreans use oil cleansing as the first step of cleansing and then they use a cleanser with a soap base to clean the rest. This will clean the face thoroughly. All the impurities can be removed from the skin through this Koreans way of double cleansing.

  • Rice water

Usage of rice water is rare but Koreans use this Korean treatment for their face because of benefits such as providing brightness to the skin, cleansing, avoiding acne formation, avoiding wrinkles, soothing inflamed skin etc. This is the antient and cost-free method of skin cleansing because rice is the staple of Koreans. They used the rice washed water in the face and this is an ancient ritual that provides benefits to the skin.

  • Towel hacks

Koreans doesn’t use the towel in their daily skin care routine. What they believe is, towel consist of bacteria and other skin damaging chemicals like detergent. What they think is, using a towel to clean the face will attract all the unwanted bacteria to the skin. Therefore, they just let the face to air dry and they tend to apply toner before the skin get dried.

  • Barley tea

Drinking barley tea is a tradition in Korea. Every restaurant has barley tea. This tea is good at detoxifying the inner systems, providing the cooling effect inside the body, helps sleep better, increase digestion etc. Barley is rich with antioxidants and act as a natural anti-bacterial agent and a good source of vitamins and minerals. We can make barley tea at home too. What we can do is, roasting barley and boiling it. You can drink this tea either after cooling or as a hot beverage.

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