Homemade cleansers for oily skin

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Greasy skin is always hard to maintain because it has the capability of attracting all the impurities into the skin. Oily skin works its best to attract all the pollutants, dirt, makeup, grime, chemical substances and harmful ultraviolet rays to the skin itself. These pollutants are mixing up with the excess oil and dead cells produced by the skin and then the skin becomes prone to acnes and pimples. We cannot avoid the oil production of the skin but still we can control oil production by adhering to a good skin care routine that is specially give benefits to the oily skin owners. “cleansing” is the most precious and important step that has to be adhered by the oily skin owners to avoid their greasy skin. But using cleansers that has many chemical substances on daily basis is not good for the skin and it may have more side effects. Therefore, we can use homemade cleansers that gives same benefits several times better than the benefits given by the readily available cleansers in the market. 


You may have tried coconut oil or olive oil to remove makeup from the face when you have run out of makeup remover. Even I have tried coconut oil to remove makeup from my face and to be honest, coconut oil gave me the similar results as it is given by the makeup remover. Any type of oil has the possibility of pulling out all the dirt out of the pores. Coconut oil is rich in linoleic acid and lauric acid which is good to fight against acnes and have microbial and moisturizing properties. Olive oil has the possibility of maintaining the pH value of the skin. 

How to use :    take few drops of any of the oils of your preference and add that oil to cotton pad and rub it on the face on circular motion to remove all the unwanted and oil soluble dirt out of the face and then use lukewarm water or a towel soaked in hot water to remove the oil after keeping the oil on the face for about 5-10 minutes. 

This is the first step of Korean’s ten step skin care routine and as the second step Koreans use foam 

Cleanser to remove all the left-over dirt that are only water soluble. For this, second step of Korean 

skin care routine is really beneficial to clean the face thoroughly.


Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy for the oily skin. Even the queen cleopatra has used apple cider vinegar to cleanse the face. The astringent properties of the apple cider vinegar have the properties to clean the pores within inside. Because of the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps to clean the face properly while removing all the dirt. Don’t apply apple cider vinegar on the face directly.

How to use:     Take apple cider vinegar and water on 1:4 ration and apply it on the face using a cotton ball and leave it on the face without washing it. 


Vitamin C and antiseptic properties in lemon and antibacterial properties in honey helps to clean the face properly. While cleaning the face deeply, it helps to increase the cell turnover, avoid pimples and even helps to brighten the skin.

How to use:     mix one table spoon of honey with half of lemon and apply that mixture on the face and leave it on the face for about 20 minutes and wash the paste using lukewarm water.


Yoghurt is rich in protein and lactic acid which is a good combination to detoxify the skin and will help to maintain the skin hydration, avoid fine lines and skin brightness are some of the other benefits of applying yoghurt. 

How to use:     You can directly apply some yoghurt on the face or you can make a paste that is prepared by adding some drops of lemon to two table spoons of yoghurt and you can clean it using lukewarm water after leaving it on the face for 20 minutes.  


These two are the most famous cleansers around the world. Tomato has the special ability to remove all the dirt out of the skin and by combining with cucumber it will deep cleanse the pores while providing cooling effects to the skin. 

How to use:     Take half tomato and four or five thin slices of cucumber and blend it until it gives a nice thick paste and using a sieve extract juice out of the paste and apply it on the face and massage it on circular motion and wash it using lukewarm water after leaving the liquid on the face for about twenty minutes 

These are some of the easy methods to cleanse the face using natural ingredients. Since these 

natural ingredients can be mixed with other ingredients it will surely cleanse the skin while 

providing other benefits such as reducing wrinkle and fine line formation in the skin, skin 

lightening, skin moistening etc. Applying and massaging pure milk on the face, applying rose water on the face, applying masks that are made-up of turmeric and dhal powder are some of the other skin cleansing agents that can be used on daily basis to cleanse the skin properly without any adverse skin problems and side effects.

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